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Dairy Cow


Dimensions: 4.96 x 2.52 x 3.23 inches
Cows can’t understand human language, but they can distinguish between a friendly and an unfriendly tone of voice. They can also tell from the tone of voice whether someone is serious and sincere.


Holstein Calf


Cows are very sensitive animals. Calves are protected by their mothers, who are immediately there for them if they are afraid or if they cry out in hunger. The mothers lick them to calm them down.

holstein calf.webp

Highland Bull


The brown Highland Bull from schleich® FARM WORLD is a long-living, resilient bull that originates in north-western Scotland.

Highland bull.webp

Hereford Cow

13867 - Retired - only 3 left in stock!

Hereford cattle come from the English county of Herefordshire, where they have been bred since the 17th century.

hereford cow #2.webp

Belgian Draft


Who is the broad-chested new horse at the stables? It’s the mighty Belgian Draft Horse from schleich® FARM WORLD! Can’t you picture this gentle giant pulling a wagon in the town parade? Or working on the farm at harvest time? Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the Belgian Draft Horse is a must-have addition to your FARM WORLD collection.

Belgian draft.webp

Black Angus Bull


Angus cattle are beautiful and strong black cattle with somewhat shorter legs.

black angus bull.webp

Tennessee Walking Gelding


If you look at a Tennessee Walker from the side, its legs do not stand straight on the ground, but are slanted. This is especially noticeable on the hind legs. The position of its legs enables it to master certain gaits - flat walk, running walk and canter.

tenesse walking gelding.jpg

Clydesdale Mare


Clydesdales are large, strong horses. Their characteristic features include their slightly curved noses, their long ears and their short necks. They have a friendly temperament and are industrious and versatile.

Clydesdale mare.webp



Hens lay between 250-300 eggs per year.

hen 1.webp



Male ducks are easily identifiable by their colourful, iridescent plumage.




The Pig from schleich® FARM WORLD isn’t a fussy eater at all. It eats pretty much anything. Even vegetables. And when it wants to cool down, it plops itself down in a mudhole. They offer the perfect refreshment for your pink friend on hot summer days! How do you like cooling down?

pig mom.webp



Look! A mini oink! The piglet from schleich® FARM WORLD prefers to sleep nose-to-nose with his pink friends. He’s full of energy when he wakes up! The first task of the day is a skillful belly flop into the freshly ironed pile of clothes. Even at this young age, his great sense of smell means that the little piglet easily sniffs out the cookie crumbs under your bed. What else will he find?




Sheep have a cuddly wool that protects them from the cold in winter.


Donkey Foal


A cute baby donkey.

donkey foal.jpg

Andalusian Foal


Andalusian foals aren’t fully grown until the age of six or seven.


Tuxedo Standing Cat


Cats are fascinating because of their graceful, lithe movements, their expressive eyes and their picture-perfect fur patterns.


American Shorthair Cat


The beautiful spots on the face and body of the American Shorthair Cat from the Schleich® Farm World show how varied and exciting the coat pattern of this cat breed can be.

American short hair.jpg

Lakeside Riding Centre - COMING SOON MARCH 2024


The new Lakeside Riding Center is the centerpiece of your Horse Club collection! Fully upgraded with TONS of new features! A new, open floorplan provides a spacious play area. The updated modular design means you can rearrange the playset infinite ways for limitless variety. More than 40 accessories for hours of play! The Lakeside Riding Center is the dream house Horse Club fans have been waiting for!

42567 Lakeside Riding Centre.webp

Horse Club - Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal - out of stock


Contents: 1 x car, 1 x vet , 1 x Hanoverian foal, 1 x medical bag, 1 x stethoscope, 1 x syringe, 1 x medicine bottle , 1 x laptop, 1 x X-ray machine, 1 x bandage, purple , 1 x halter , 1 x apple, green , 1 x table, 1 x chair, 1 x prescription pad , 1 x plasters sticker sheet, 1 x sticker sheet, 1 x assembly instructions

horse van.webp

Horse Club - Sarah's Camping Adventure


A love of camping and a love of horses go hand-in-hand with HORSE CLUB Sarah’s Camping Adventure. Let’s pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag, and tell a hundred stories with this horse and rider playset from schleich®. Suitable for kids ages 5 and up.

sarahs camp.jpg

Horse Club - Tori & Princess


The Horse Box with HORSE CLUB Tori & Princess from schleich® HORSE CLUB offers the perfect resting place for Tori’s beautiful Frisian mare, Princess, and comes with lots of cool accessories.

horse box 42437.webp

Horse Club - Foal with Blanket


The little girl is completely enchanted by the little English Thoroughbred foal that is prancing around on the pasture.

foal blanket.webp

Horse Club - Sarah & Mystery


Includes the fully movable Sarah figurine, her loyal Arabian mare Mystery, plus a bridle, saddle and riding helmet.

horse 1.webp

Horse Club - Hannah & Cayenne


The quarter horse gelding Cayenne and her rider Hannah inspire never-ending stories. The rider figurine now has movable legs so she can sit in the saddle! Suitable for ages 5 and up.

horse 2.webp

Horse Club - Sofia & Blossom


Includes the fully movable Sofia figurine, her loyal horse the Andalusian mare Blossom, plus a bridle, saddle and riding helmet.

horse 3.webp

Horse Club - Lisa & Storm


The Lisa figurine is fully movable and can ride her horse after it is saddled and bridled. But not without her riding helmet and pretty turquoise armband! It connects all the Horse Club members, so she never takes it off.

horse 4.jpg

Horse Club - Hannah's First Aid Kit - out of stock


Includes: 1x Icelandic horse mare, 1x Icelandic horse foal, 1x first-aid kit, 1x syringe, 1x bandage, 1x stethoscope, 1x apples

horse vet.png

Horse Club - Hannahs Western Riding Set


A Western riding competition includes always popular barrel racing, where participants race around barrels as quickly as possible. In addition to the colourful barrels, Hannah's Western riding set by Schleich® Horse Club contains hurdles that can be adjusted as desired. This gives Hannah a variety of course options. In addition to the girl with moving arms, the set includes the beautiful Tennessee Walker mare with removable saddle and bridle.
Includes: 1x girl, 1x Tennessee Walker mare, 1x saddle, 1x bridle with reins, 2x barrel, 2x hurdle, 4x obstacle log


Farm World - Horse Barn


The new colourful horse stable offers lots of fun features and provides endless fun for little ones! With 7 cute animals, 2 horse boxes, farmers Paul and Laura and, of course, lots of accessories, it is easy to reproduce all the daily work on the farm.

farm world.jpg

Farm World - Western Riding Set


Western riders only use one hand to control the reins.


Farm World - Vet Visiting a Mare & Foal


Includes: 1x Quarter horse mare, 1x Quarter horse foal, 1x Piglet, 1x Veterinarian, 1x Bandage, 1x Bottle, 1x Vet’s bag, 1x Stethoscope, 1x Bucket

vet visiting.jpg

Farm World - Team Roping with Cowboy


In “team roping”, two cowboys or cowgirls attempt to catch a calf from horseback by throwing a lasso around its head and legs. The quicker they manage it, the better their odds of winning.


Farm World -  Mobile Chicken Coop


Cock-a-doodle-doo! What's the rooster crowing about? It's the Mobile Chicken Coop playset from Schleich Farm World! Mother hen wants a little fresh air…let's open up the chicken coop so she can roam free. Includes two exclusive toy chickens available only with this playset, as well as the coop, a toy chick, and even some tiny chicken eggs.

chicken coop.jpg

Farm World - Chicken Coop - out of stock


Right at the crack of dawn, the cockerel hops up onto the roof of the chicken coop and crows. As the first rays of sunlight appear, the hen comes out too. She starts to scrape at the ground and peck for seeds, when cheeping noises can be heard from the coop. The roof is folded open to reveal the wonderful secret hidden inside: chicks have hatched from the eggs!


Farm World - Friendly Dog House

42573's a mama Australian Shepherd and her pup! After helping the farmer round up sheep, these hard-working farm dogs are ready for a nap in the brightly colored dog kennel. The Friendly Dog House playset comes with the two dog figurines and their kennel, plus a toy bone, dog dish, and toy stick for puppy playtime and snacks. Rain or shine, the Friendly Dog House is home sweet home!


Farm World - Playtime for Cute Cats


1x cat, 1x kitten, standing, 1x kitten, playing, 1x cat scratching post, 1x house, 1x basket, 1x bowl, 1x ball of wool, 1x string


Farm World - Dog Kennel


The Australian Shepherd is a very sporty, energetic dog.


Farm World - Happy Cow Wash


Water march! With the new cow wash station from schleich® FARM WORLD, all cows on the farm can be cleaned in no time.

cow wash.webp

Farm World - Starter Set


1x Tennessee Walker mare, 1x Texas Longhorn calf, 1x cat, 1x Golden Retriever puppy

starter set #1.jpg

Farm World - Rabbit Hutch Set


Two baby rabbits are moving into their new home! The spacious hutch has already been prepared for them, so they can eat from the food bowl and drink from the water bottle right away. The little ones can spend all day larking around in their rabbit run. In the run, they discover a tunnel that’s perfect for playing hide and seek.

schleich bunnies.jpg

Farm World - Large Red Barn with Animals and Accessories


  • Explore the everyday routines of life on the farm!

  • Set includes the mucking and feeding accessories you need to take care of your Black Angus bulls

  • Treat your bulls to a relaxing massage from the wall massager!

  • Use your rope winch to lift the heavy hay bales

  • Barn and accessories are carefully composed from high quality plastic


Farm World -  Farm Stand


1x Farmer's wife, 1x Boy, 1x Dartmoor Pony mare, 1x Waist strap, 1x Rope, 1x Halter, 1x Drawbar, 1x Trailer, 2x Apple, 2x Bread, 2x Lettuce, 2x Potato, 1x Carrot, 1x Sandwich board, 1x Sunshade, 1x Scale, 1x Milk bottle, 1x Eggs, 3x Wooden box, 1x Cash register, 1x Bench

farm stand.jpg

Wild Life - 4x4 vehicle with winch


Time for an action-packed adventure with ranger David and his trusty companion, the young chimpanzee! The extendable winch can be secured on the front and rear of the vehicle and therefore ensures plenty of fun. Set with 4x4 vehicle, ranger David, chimpanzee and great accessories. The schleich® figurines are exceptionally detailed, lovingly painted and allow children to play and learn at the same time.

wild life car 42410.jpg

Wild Life Starter Set


The life-like Schleich animals with elaborate detail stimulate children to play creatively, allowing them to come up with their first adventurous stories from the wilderness of the safari.

wild life starter set 42387.jpg

Wild Life - Arctic Expedition


Adventure awaits Ranger Tom in the land of snow and ice - it's the Antarctic Expedition playset from Schleich® Wild Life! Pulled on a dogsled by his faithful huskies, the ranger braves an excursion into the cold, wind-swept landscape. What will he uncover in the icy terrain? Includes an igloo with removeable roof (to see the stars!), two toy huskies, a baby penguin toy, and other fun accessories.

wild life arctic expedition 42558.png

John Deere - 7430 with Gravity Wagon


The 7430 tractor features lights and sounds, easy cab access for steering, and is compatible with other 1:16 scale tractors and implements. Gravity wagon features working grain door and steerable front axles.


John Deere - Air Seeder Set


Combination of die-cast and plastic construction, set includes a 1870 Air Hold Drill and C850 Air Cart.

Air seeder set.webp

John Deere X9 1100


  • Features include die-cast body, clear windows, dual front wheels, and detailed interior.

  • The feeder housing raises and lowers. Rotating unloading auger and pivoting ladder.

  • Includes folding C16F corn head and HD50F draper head.


John Deere - Farm in a Box


Build and Play - Throw nothing away! The Farm in a Box features less waste, no plastic is used on the packaging. The packaging is fully recyclable and inks are water based. Follow the instructions printed on the sleeve to create your own farm play set using the packaging and nothing else. This set includes the following toys to enhance the farm play: 8" tractor, flatbed wagon, front loader, four pieces of fencing, four cows (two large and two small), and three round bales. Everything a child needs to set up a wonderful farm environment.

build and play JD.webp

John Deere - 318G Skid-Steer


Featuring authentic John Deere details and a working front bucket for scooping fun, this vehicle will be a welcome addition to any 1:32 scale farm toy collection. With durable plastic construction, this skid steer is great for both indoor and outdoor play!

jd skid.jpg

John Deere - 8R 410


Features include die-cast body, front axle, clear cab windows, detailed interior, oscillating die-cast front axle, dual front and rear wheels, movable three-point hitch, and pivoting mirrors.

8R 410.jpg

John Deere - Semi-Truck - out of stock


John Deere grain truck in 1/64 size toy, which means it is 64 times smaller than its actual size. This transport truck is perfect for entertaining children 3 years and older, both indoors and outdoors.

semi truck JD.jpg

John Deere - 9R 540


1/64 die-cast metal John Deere 9R 540 Tractor with All Around Duals

9r 540.jpg

John Deere - 544L Wheel Loader


Realistic replica of the original John Deere 544L loader. This toy is 32 times smaller than the original.


Case IH - Trident 5556


Case Trident Applicator 5550 dual wheels in 1/64 format, which means it is 64 times smaller than its actual size.


Case IH - 1466 International


Replica play tractor with Black Stripe graphics and paint scheme. The tractor has a die-cast body, front axle, and cab. Plastic hood, clear windows, and soft rear dual tires.

case 1466.jpg

Case IH True Tandom 330 Turbo


This die cast and plastic replica of the Case IH True Tandem Turbo Disc features folding wing frames which raise and lower for going down the road and working in the field. This disk will form a great team with any 1/64 scale tractor.

case ih turbo 330.jpg

Case IH Early Riser 2150 16-Row Planter 1/64 Diecast Model


  • Brand new 1/64 scale diecast model of Case IH Early Riser 2150 16-Row Planter die cast model.

  • Real rubber tires.

  • Detailed exterior.


Case IH 4-Piece Farm Set


This four pack of Case IH vehicles includes a Tractor with Loader, Grain Cart, Combine and Grain Truck. All featuring the Case IH deco, moving parts and a die cast chassis. Great item for gift giving and great play value!


New Holland - T6.180


  • Diecast metal scale model tractor by Britains, with some plastic parts

  • Steerable front wheels

  • Glazed cab with interior detail

new holland.jpg

New Holland - T7.270


Tractor T7.270 with Big Farm series loader scale 1/16, which means that the toy is 16 times smaller than the original.
Makes the engine sound on start, lights turn on

new holland bhucket.jpg

1/32 New Holland L230 Skid Steer Loader


All plastic with rubber tires, bucket raises and dumps.


ERTL - Dairy Farm Set


  • Each 1:64 scale set includes buildings and accessories for lots of imaginative play

  • Easy-to-assemble buildings

  • Human and animal figures

  • Contains over 65 pieces


ERTL - Grain Feed Set


There are over 45 pieces in this farm playset to encourage imaginative play. This replica set includes easy-to-assemble buildings, a Tyler Transport toy truck, fencing, and plenty of other farm toy accessories.

ertl grain set.webp

Big Farm - Grain Bin and Auger Set


Durable toy designed for outdoor sandbox play and is great for indoor fun too.  Grain bin features sliding access door. Officially licensed John Deere product.
The auger measures approximately 30" long. The grain bin has a 31" circumference and measures approximately 11" high.

auger set.webp

Big Roads - Peterbuilt Model 367


Harvesting Set features the newly tooled 1:32 Peterbilt Model 367 Grain Truck with tilting grain box, removable tarp and opening rear grain door. The newly tooled auger and round grain bin complete this great play pattern.


John Deere Fun on the Farm Playset


 The set features vehicles, figures, animals, and accessories that are all the perfect size for little hands to easily grasp and play with, making it the ideal first toy farming set. 


John Deere Kids Talking Toolbelt


  • 8-piece John Deere tool belt set

  • Includes 6 tools, adjustable tool belt and buckle with sounds

  • Tool buckle features 2 phrases and 3 tool sounds

  • Suitable for ages 24 months and up

JD talking toolbelt.jpg

John Deere 24 Piece Barn Playset


This John Deere Farm Playset is perfect for on-the-go farming! The 1:64 scale pieces are just the right size for take-along play and include everything kids need for creative fun on the farm.


John Deere Kids Floor Puzzle


Have fun on the farm with this GIANT John Deere Kid’s Floor Puzzle! The 36 large pieces are each about 6x4 inches, which is the perfect size for smaller hands to play with as they perfect fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


John Deere Build a Buddy Bonnie Scoop Tractor with Trailer & Screwdriver


Young kids will have a great time using the included screwdriver to take Bonnie and her wagon apart and then put them back together again. Once put together, Bonnie's free rolling wheels are perfect for push along play. Bonnie Tractor includes a cow on wheels who loves going for a roll or riding in her wagon! All toys in the Build-a-Buddy line feature interchangeable parts that can be swapped from vehicle to vehicle.

47209 build a buddy JD.jpg

John Deere Large Equipment Assortment


Help the young farm fan in your family have creative playtime fun with John Deere Large Equipment. The sturdy die-cast and plastic construction is designed to withstand years of indoor or outdoor play, and features authentic John Deere styling and details.


John Deere 6 Inch Sandbox Toy Set with Toy Truck and Toy Tractor - green out of stock 


This John Deere Sandbox Vehicle Set is a hit with parents and kids alike! Sandcastles, farms and roadways are ready to be imagined and built in your child’s sandbox with the John Deere Dump Truck toy and Tractor toy. This 2-pack includes a John Deere dump truck featuring a working dump bed and a tractor with a working front loader.


John Deere 4 piece Vehicle Playset


4 Different vehicles per set. Hours of play possibilities! Makes a great gift!


John Deere 1:64 Scale 7215R Tractor with 1590 Grain Drill


The perfect size to take along on the go, the John Deere 7215R Tractor and 1590 Grain Drill are ready to help your little farmer get the job done wherever they are. The durable die-cast and plastic construction is great for both indoor and outdoor play and the free rolling wheels let the tractor and grain drill easily get around. The tractor is also compatible with most other 1:64 scale implements.


John Deere 1:64 8R 410 Tractor with Dual Wheels


Newly tooled and perfect for play! Features include dual front and rear tires, die-cast body, clear windows, detailed interior, oscillating die-cast front axle. Compatible with most 1/64 scale tractors and implements.


John Deere Tractor with Wagon


Your youngsters will have fun hooking up the wagon to the tractor for hauling. They can also remove the tractor's front weights!

  • 2-piece set: tractor and wagon

  • Made of durable plastic; tractor has die-cast metal hood

  • Ages 3+


Blue Tandem Milk Tank Truck 1:64 Scale


This Collect N Play Blue Tandem Milk Tank Truck is a great replica. Made of a diecast frame with a plastic body and wheels. Your child will have a blast transporting milk to and from the farm guaranteeing endless hours of fun!


Tomy Ertl Sprayer Truck 1:64 Scale


This 1 red sprayer truck with white tank features extending boom arms that fold in and out.


John Deere Iron Vehicle Display - Assorted Styles


Designed for the casual John Deere collector or the young John Deere fan, these Tomy Iron tractors are constructed of die cast and durable plastic and are scaled to 3 to 3.5 inches. Each tractor features free rolling wheels and working parts. If you are a collector, the package design will function as a display case. For the younger collector, they will easily fit into their hands for great take along play!

37854 UPDATED.webp

John Deere Playmat 


Farm Mat with Tractor or Construction Mat with Skid Steer. The roads match up, making one large rug to expand the fun.

Play mats measure 39" L x 36" W


1/64 John Deere 6210 with Baler & Wagon Set


  • 1/64 scale replica toy

  • Die-cast construction

  • Includes 338 baler

  • Recommended for ages 3+

  • Set includes 6210R, 338 baler, along with bale wagon and six bales

tomy 45439.jpg
tomy 45589.jpg

John Deere 1:64 Scale 4960 Tractor with Forage Harvester & Wagon

Kids and collectors alike will love having this John Deere trio to add to their 1:64 scale collection. This authentically detailed 4960 tractor is paired with a forage harvester and a wagon to help collect all the bounty. Kids will have plenty of creative fun getting the tractor and implements from place to place. A collector card is included, and the clear blister packaging makes this item great for collectors wanting to add it to their displays.

  • Set includes die-cast 4960 Tractor, Forage Harvester and Wagon

  • Authentic details and look are a great add to any 1:64 scale farm collection

  • Collector card included

  • Officially Licensed John Deere Product

  • Farm toy fun for ages 3 and up


1:64 Bobcat S76 Skid Steer


This all new 1:64 Bobcat S76 Skid Steer is construction of durable die cast and plastic. It will feature a working front bucket which will lift, lower and tilt. Age 3+

  • Constructed of die cast and durable plastic

  • Working loader arms lift and lower

  • Front bucket will tilt

tomy 16424.jpg
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