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Poultry Accessories 

Whether it be chickens, turkeys, or ducks big or small we have something for all!

Below you can browse through a large selection of accessories that we carry for your flock! 

Don't see something you need? Give us a call at the store! We just might be able to order it in for you!

chicken waterer 5gal plastic top fill.webp

Top Fill Plastic Poultry Waterer

New, top filling design. Twist off cap for easy filling and cleaning, without the mess and inconvenience of inverting the entire unit. Rust proof and dent proof. Polyethylene jug snaps into base. Large, strong easy to grip build in handle. Vacuum sealed cap.

Available in Sizes:

  • 5 gallon

  • 7 gallon

Bottom Fill Hanging Plastic Poultry Waterer 

Provide water for your poultry easily and efficiently with this plastic poultry fountain. The improved design allows the bottom plug to be unscrewed without tools, and the bottom screw plug features a rubber gasket to ensure a leak-free fit. It has a convenient carrying handle and pegs on the top for stable filling when the jug is bottom up.

Available in Sizes:

  • 25lb

  • 3lb


Heated Poultry Fountain 

Patented design of this heated poultry fount provides your poultry with fresh water all winter long. Keeps water ice-free down to -5 degrees F in the winter, but can be used year round as well. 

Available in Size:

  • 3 gallon


Hanging Plastic Poultry Feeder - Style 1

Durable, plastic hanging poultry feeder. Features 3 adjustable metal clips to hold the pan to the tube, and to allow for 5 different feed flow rates. Pan is constructed of long lasting plastic, handle and clips are made of metal.

Available in Size:

  • 25lb

Hanging Plastic Poultry Feeder - Style 2

Plastic hanging poultry feeder uses 3 adjustable clips to hold the pan to the tube and to allow for 5 different feed flow rates. Pan is plastic: handle and clips are metal.

Available in Sizes:

  • 17lb

  • 6lb

Small Poultry/Chick Waterer

Complete gravity-feed poultry waterer with 1-gallon capacity. Jar is molded from durable transparent polyethylene so the water level is always visible. Base is heavy-duty polystyrene. Easy-fill screw-on design. 

Available in Sizes:

  • 1 gallon

  • 1qt

Small Poultry/Chick Feeder

Quart Plastic Feeder is constructed of heavy duty polyethylene. Base features 8 openings with ribs to minimize feed spillage. Base and Jar is included. Great for school projects and home use for new baby chicks. 

Available in Sizes:

  • 1qt

Plastic Poly Duck Waterer

Your ducks will absolutely love this new style waterer as it comes with an extra wide and extra deep drinking trough, also a grill to prevent water wastage or spillage. Made with a durable polyethylene/polypropylene to create a long lasting life. Easy carry, easy fill, easy clean! Made in Canada!​

Available in Size:

  • 3 gallon

Galvanized Poultry Waterer

Made of galvanized steel, this poultry fountain has a durable design and resists corrosion to make it a great choice for your farm. Features a unique double-wall design. The joints are rolled rather than soldered to create tight-fitting seams and ensure safety. The fountain has a cone-shaped top to prevent roosting and the lid lifts off for easy access.

Available in Sizes:

  • 5 gallon

  • 7 gallon

Galvanized Poultry Feeder

Durable galvanized steel hanging poultry feeder. Features 3 adjustable metal clips to hold the pan to the tube, and to allow for 5 different feed flow rates.

  • Includes 3 adjustable metal clips to hold the pan to the tube

  • Allows for 5 different feed flow rates

  • Durable galvanized steel construction

Available in Sizes:

  • 25lb

  • 50lb

stop pick.jpg
DVL Stop-Pick 170ml

This specially formulated product is indicated to prevent cannibalism in poultry. It is important that Stop-Pick  be used at the first indication of picking before the habit becomes firmly established.

stress ade.jpg
Stress-Aid 100gm - on sale now! 15% off

As an aid in the treatment of vitamin deficiencies and correcting electrolyte imbalance due to malnutrition in chickens, turkeys, swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses. Store between 15-25°C

Poul-vite100g_1024x1024_2x (1).webp
DVL Poul-vite Powder 100gm

This water soluble powder is indicated for use in poultry.

Poul-Vite should be given to:

1. Starting chicks and poults for the first 4 days to give them a good head start.

2. Chickens and turkeys in cases of reduced food intake.

With a Switch:
Without a Switch (Plug in):

Brooder Lamp heat lamps are designed to provide a pleasant radiant heat that warms pigs, chicks, lambs or calves. Both series are designed for use with a maximum 250 watt brooder bulb and are compatible with energy efficient 175 watt Par 38 halogen bulbs (bulbs sold separately). Heat lamps have vented reflectors and a strong, easy to open wire guard. They also feature porcelain sockets with a plated copper screw shell for longer life & resistance to bulb damage.

heat lamp.jpg
clear bulb.jpg
Heatlamp Bulbs - Clear or Red

The Philips 175W PAR38 infrared incandescent reflector lamp bulbs are designed to work in the toughest environment such as farm, bathroom or kitchen. They have a reinforced construction thanks to hard glass use. Their compact form and universal cap base allow them to be used with any suitable equipment. The Philips infrared lamps provide direct, draught-free warmth to the animals, people, but also food.

  1. Life: 5000 hours

  1. Reflector shape allows concent heat to be applied to where it is needed.

  1. Medium Base Red lamp

  1. General radiant heating, Agricultural- breeding and rearing of animals and Industrial heating.

  1. Heat lamp

poultry np.webp
Poultry Nipples

Transform a standard bucket or pvc pipe into a poultry watering device. Nipples are easy to install and help keep water clean and prevent disease. Each nipple accommodates up to 4 birds. Nipples should be mounted vertically. Recommended for adult birds only. Nipples fit as replacements

Baby Bulk - Chick Feeder

A great little feeder for little birds. Features an open top for easy use, top ups, and cleaning. 6 pound capacity, spill proof base.

Automatic Bird Waterer - 5qt 

High water pressure is not required for the 5 Quart Automatic Bird Waterer. Provides a continuous water flow by easily hooking up to your regular garden hose with low or high water pressure. Hanging cord and lock are included for easy height adjustment. Designed for adult birds, this automatic waterer is made of a high impact poly propylene for long life. Quickly adjust the water level with the included float.  

Pinless Peeper - Purple 

Pinless Poly Peepers provides blinding for aggressive pheasants. The smooth integrated top surface eliminates catching in pen wire. Opaque plastic devices when attached to their beaks restrain hostilities in game birds and poultry. Prevent birds from seeing directly in front but do not interfere with feeding, drinking, breeding and normal activities. Attached in place with a attached nylon pin.

Nest-O-Matic Rollaway Nesting Box - out of stock

This Nestomatic is a comfortable and sheltered place for poultry to lay eggs. The eggs automatically roll in to the tray preventing them from being destroyed or eaten by the hens. This system assures that the eggs can be picked easily! 

  • The nest pad Insert is made of polyethylene and is therefore immune against bacteria. The fingers of the nest pad assure that the eggs have minimum contact with manure or other debris.

  • The nest pad is easy to clean because the pad is removable.

  • The nest pad slope can be adjusted to 3 different angles

Alltech ChikPek Block 25lb

ChikPek is an innovative, welfare-enhancement pecking block, featuring palatable and durable qualities that can be introduced throughout any stage of poultry production.

ChikPek’s unique formulation diverts the chickens’ instinctive pecking behavior onto the ChikPek block, which maintains the welfare of the flock and prevents chickens from pecking each.

Calcium Carbonate, Whole Milo, Rolled Corn, Whole Wheat, Whole Barley, Whole Sunflower Seeds, Oyster Shell, Soft Rock Phosphate, Cane Molasses, Lignin Sulfonate, Salt, Vegetable Oil.
Guaranteed analysis:
Crude Protein (Min) ......3.00%
Crude Fat (Min) ......1.00%
Crude Fiber (Max) ......3.00%

Peck-Stone Mineral Block - out of stock

Vilofoss Peckstones are mineral stones for poultry, designed specifically to satisfy the birds’ desire to forage, scratch, and peck.

Durable, yet destructible, Peckstones help to reduce stress and prevent the occurrence of abnormal pecking behaviour such as feather-pecking and cannibalism. Helping you to enhance poultry welfare.

18' Cardboard Chick Roll 

Use this single-faced corrugated board for a draft shield and keep your baby chicks contained under the heat source. 


For use in poultry houses as well as outdoor areas. To control poultry lice and exposed stages of darkling beetles, spray roosts, walls and nests or cages thoroughly. This should be followed by spraying over the birds with a fine mist. Repeat as necessary. For control of bedbugs and mites on poultry and in poultry houses, spray crevices of roost poles, cracks in walls and cracks in nests where the bedbugs and mites hide. 

Poultry Lice Killer 550g
Poultry Netting

Sizes Available:

  • 2"x30"x50"

  • 1/2"x48"x50"

  • 1"x48"x50"

  • 1"x48"x25"

  • 1"x36"x50"

  • 1"x36"x25"

  • 1"x36"x100"

  • 1"x24"x50"

  • 1"x24"x25"

Straw Boss Poultry Chicken Coop Bedding

Straw Bosses chicken coop bedding is dust-extracted and heat treated to reduce the presence of salmonella, bacteria, and mould. With an increased surface area, the fine particles in the straw pellets allows for greater absorbency and faster drying.

Straw biodegrades much faster than wood shavings which will reduce the size of your manure pile and give nutrients back to the soil when disposed of.

Available in a 40L in volume bag. 

3 in 1 chick waterer farm tuff.png
3 in 1 Chicken Waterer - 1 Gallon

This 1-gallon waterer is the exact thing that you are going to need to raise big healthy chicks! It’s unique 3 in 1 design let’s you adjust the height to 3 different stages using the adjustable legs, and the hard wearing metal handle lets you hang it to the height of your preference. Rust proof, dent proof and easy to refill! Made in Canada!

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