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Calf Corner

Nature's Calf Program

The products below are what create Nature's Calf Program from birth to post weaning. This program is our economic approach to calf rearing, without taking any shortcuts to calf health and nutritional needs. 
Each farm is unique! And as such we carry a large range of products to help you choose what will fit best for your operation. If you would like any advice, please feel free to contact any of our farm consultants or give the store a call!


Grober 21-21-18

At a 21% protein (milk sourced protein), and 18% fat, this milk replacer is a great option for both dairy and veal operations.

Prima Calf Starter

This 22% protein calf starter is a textured feed consisting of rolled grains and protein pellets, and medicated with monensin to help your calves maintain their health throughout their first months.

Nature's Choice

This custom blend is Nature made, and contains chopped straw, oat hulls, pellets, and rolled corn. This is a great grower for calves pre and post-weaning and is our most economical grower on the market.

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