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raidex spray.jpg

Raidex Hog Spray

Colors available:

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Green

Raidex Marking Crayon

Colours we carry:

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Black

  • Grey

raidex crayon.webp

Quik Shot Tail Paint

Colors available:

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Orange

Hog Sorting Panel

Durable plastic panel to aid in the manipulation and movement of pigs. Handle cutouts along the edges.  An effective, humane method of directing or driving animals.

Available in:

  • 30"x 36"

  • 30"x18"

  • 30" x 48"

sorting panel.jpg
hot shot paddle.webp

Hot Shot Sorting Paddle

  • Animals respond to the sound of BB's inside the paddle

  • Also creates a visual barrier

  • 42" inch

cattle rattle.jpg

Cattle Rattle

The Cattle Rattle is made from high impact flexible plastic designed to stand up to the rigors of hard use in all temperatures. It features a rubberized grip handle for added operator comfort. Each rattle is filled with beads, over time the noise of these beads elicits a response from the animal before physical correction is needed.

Available in 42 inch or 52 inch:

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Orange 


Mr Sticky Fly Ribbon - out of stock

Places of use:

  • Storage rooms

  • Milk Houses

  • Offices

Mr Sticky 1000' or 2500' Re-Fill

We also carry the Mr Sticky kit which includes the hardware! 

agita 1kg.jpg

Agita Fly Bait - 1kg

• Attracts and kills house flies
• Does not promote resistance
• Less toxic for the environment
• Safe to use around animals and humans (Tastes bad)
• Active ingredients: thiamethoxam 1.0% and Z-9 tricosene 0.1%.

agita 400g.jpg

Agita Fly Bait 10WG - 400g

AGITA 10 WG is a water dispersible residual insecticidal bait formulation for the control of house flies (Musca domestica) in agricultural buildings (e.g. barns, poultry houses, etc.).


Tempo WP Insecticide

Tempo Ultra WP is a water soluble packet insecticide that contains the active ingredient beta-cyfluthrin. It provides an instant knockdown and long-term effects against various insects including spiders, cockroaches, and sod webworms. It is safe to use on surfaces both indoors or outdoors.

Disposable Fly Trap Bag

The attractant packet inside the bag dissolves and activates when you add water. Lured by the scent, flies enter the trap through the yellow top cap and drown in the water. Can hold up to 20,000 flies!

fly trap bag.jpg

Japanese Beetle Trap Bag

Japanese Beetle Trap is the only one-season reusable trap on the market. Contains a controlled-release lure that lasts the full 8-week beetle season and a large bag that can be reused.

starbar fly bait station.jpg

Star-Bar Fly Bait Station

A durable plastic feeder that holds bait that control feeding flies at low levels in barns and other structures in agricultural settings. For the control of flies and house flies.

  • -Houses scatter fly baits around the farm

  • -Each station holds 2 oz. of fly bait and has built-in tray to catch dead flies

  • -Fly control for the low level

  • -Helps make fly bait rotation easy

horse konk.jpg

Konk Insecticide Spray for Horses

  • Repels and kills stable flies, face flies, house flies, horn flies, horse flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, & gnats

  • Quiet Spray

terro magnet fly ribbon.jpg

Terro Fly Magnet - Fly Ribbon

  • Requires no baiting

  • No odor and no mess

  • Easy to use design

  • Conveniently disposable

  • Includes 4 tubes


Plastic Bucket w'Handle - 8qt

Colors availailable:

  • Maroon

  • Navy

  • Green

  • White

  • Black


8qt Hook Over Bucket

Colors available:

  • Blue

  • Dark Green

rubber tub.jpg

Rubber Feed Tub

Available in 6.5 gallon or 8qt.

Plastic Feed Scoop


gal scoop.jpg

Galvanized Feed Scoop

Available in :

  • 6qt

  • 4qt

  • 3qt

Long handle Poly Utility Brush

Perfect for washing buckets or water troughs.

utility poly brush.jpg

Burgon & Ball Hoofrot Shears

Offered in super-sharp or serrated these shears offer the following:

  • High-carbon steel blades - heat treated to cleanly cut hard hooves.

  • Easy action, single-handed locking device.

  • Coated blades minimise rust.

  • Handy size and lightweight for daily carrying.

Repiderma Wound Spray

A spray for the skin

• Without antibiotics
• Active on, under and in the skin
• Micronized minerals: Allow optimal absorption
• Spray for skin protection
• For all types of ungulates

red kote.jpg

Red-Kote Spray

• Treats dry scales, leg mites and scaly leg in chickens
• Treats bumblefoot, fowl pox; wire cuts
• Useful against proud flesh in horses
• Helps to prevent white hair in healing wounds.


DVL - Kopper Kare Thrush - 475ml

Kopper Kare is a treatment for thrush, foot rot (in cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs), hoof punctures, cracked hooves, and ringworms.

d horn.jpg

DVL- D-Horn Paste - 85g

To prevent horn growth and remove horn buttons on calves.

Dr. Naylor's Dehorning Paste

Dr. Naylor's Dehorning Paste is quick, safe and economical.

  • Disbudding within the first few days of life is easier on calves.

  • This method is endorsed by the Dairy Calf and Heifer Ass'n and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

  • With Dr. Naylor's Dehorning Paste, there is NO cutting and NO bleeding.

  • A single application of Dr. Naylor's Dehorning Paste is all that is needed for young calves, lambs, and kids.

dr naylor.jpg

Udder Comfort Lotion - 300ml - White

Udder Comfort includes a natural blend of essential oils that softens and soothes quarters/udders after milking/calving.

kid mr.png

LambGro/KidGro Colostrum - 700gm

LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ is a premium colostrum supplement that prevents Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) of immunity for lambs and kids. Newborn lambs and kids should receive their first feeding of LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ as soon after birth as possible, and no later than 6 hours of age. For optimal results, 3 feedings should be delivered in the first 18 hours of life.

calf colosrum.png

Calf's Choice Total Colostrum - 470g

Effective on-farm colostrum management practices will get your calves off to the right start in life. And help make good calves great cows. Getting enough quality colostrum might not always be as easy as milking that fresh cow. Colostrum quality varies from cow to cow. Using a refractometer to test colostrum on-farm is a useful tool to know what IgG levels you’re feeding newborn calves. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

immu start.webp

Immu-Start 50 for Calves

A blend of bovine origin immunoglobulins made from 100% colostrum, viable primary microbial cultures of lactobacillus species, streptococcus faecium and essential vitamins. Also aids in the prevention of disease and death associated with K99 E. coli scours.

Each dose contains a minimum 50 grams bovine IgG obtained from Grade A dairies.

milk bar.jpg

Milk Bar Replacement Calf Nipple -10 Nipples

Replacement nipple fits any style Milk Bar self feeder for calves. Milk Bar nipples discourage gulping, promote maximum salivation, and help prevent cross-sucking, which can expose young animals to bacteria.

vet wrap.webp

Syrflex Cohesive Bandage

Multiple colors available.

This quality self-adhesive cohesive bandage maintains its original shape and size. Sticks to itself without sticking to skin or hair. Provides consistent compression. Will not absorb moisture and is both breathable and durable.
4" x 5 yards


Nitto - PVC Insulating Tape

Good quality insulation tape for general use

calf collar.webp

Calf Collar with Buckle

Available in Green or Black.

Revolution snap on nipple.jpg

Revolution Snap On Calf Nipple

The Revolution Milk Bar Teat has been designed to prevent digestive problems caused by feeding system with a bottle & fast feeding nipple. Easy to use, it snaps quickly onto all Snap On bottles.

Red Rubber Calf Nipple

The Merrick nipple contains a patented air release valve which prevents leakage, yet allows air into the bottle to assure proper milk flow. Special design and coating on the nipple work to promote easy use. Less struggle means healthier calves and less time used for feeding.

drenching gun.jpg

Prima Inject/Draw 12.5ml

Prima Injector with both Draw-offs. It can be used as a low dose drencher by adding a stainless steel drench nozzle.

red nipple.jpg

Manual Drench Syringe - 300ml

This syringe drencher has a manual design. The dose can be infinitely adjusted by means of the hand wheel. Easy to take apart and clean.

prima 12.5ml drench.jpg
tube feeder.jpg

Colostrum Feeder Tube with Bottle for Lambs or Goat Kids

Combination pack includes orange surgical latex stomach tube and graduated bottle.
Suitable for feeding the correct amount of colostrum to large lambs without refilling.
Positive pressure can be applied to save time.

6 cubic feet wheelbarrow.png

6 or 8 CUBIC 800LB Capacity Extra Heavy Duty Wheel Barrow

• Extra thick high-density polyethylene tray with UV stabilizers
• 2 1/8” extra thick lacquered North American ash handles
• Extra thick powder-coated structural steel undercarriage
• Heavy duty ball bearing wheel assembly with grease fittings
• 10 year warranty
• Wheels are 5/8" bearing x 6" hub length


Hoof-Tite Winter Adhesive - 210ml

Hoof Tite Cold Weather adhesive is formulated to set the fastest in colder climates. Similar to our original, our Winter formula is thicker and sets in 30 seconds, forming a strong bond for blocking. Making it quick and easy to block cattle in the colder weather. Universal tips, sold separately, are required for application.


Hoof-tite Original Formula - 220ml

Hoof Tite Original Cartridge is used to adhere wooden or rubber blocks to the claw of a bovine hoof to relieve pressure on the opposite claw. Hoof Tite is a two-part urethane fast setting adhesive. Features a dual chamber, sets in 30 seconds, saves time and money with an innovative no mixing system. Universal tips, sold separately, are required for application.


Universal Mixing Tip 

Mixing tips for Hoof-Tite Original and Hoof-Tite Winter Formula.


Wooden Hoof Block 

Wooden Blocks for Claw Treatment.


Velcro Leg Bands 

Low cost all-weather nylon Velcro leg-bands. Provides an ideal means of identifying problem cows, fresh or treated cows, dry cows, breeding conditions and more. Bands are washable, reusable and can be numbered with permanent marker. Made of tough Velcro material for easy on and off without tools; sold in packs of 10 bands.

Colours available:




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