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Masterfeeds Senior (pellet) is our lowest NSC complete feed. It is ideal for the senior horse and also works very well for horses needing an ultra low starch ration with added fat. The premium high calorie digestible fibre sources blended with 6% fat from all vegetable sources makes it a safe choice for working, pleasure, or retired horses who are very sensitive to added starch in their feed and need a low glycemic ration.



Alltrack (texturized) is a great choice for owners and trainers looking for a very low starch texturized feed for high performance athletes. A blend of high quality fibres, beet pulp and soft pellets fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals and blended with oil and molasses makes a palatable complete and balanced feed. It promotes good digestive and muscle health to keep your horses feeling great and ready for all sports and all tracks


Exactor Lite

Masterfeeds Exactor Lite (texturized) is our gold standard ration for the race horse and the needs of the high performance trainer looking for a very palatable, no corn, fibre added, texturized feed. Very popular with thoroughbred trainers and well liked across the industry for hard working horses that are fussy eaters and horses with sensitive digestive tracts. This feed is oat and barley based with a supplement pellet containing our premium vitamin mineral pack. It is blended with shredded beet pulp and rich with molasses.


Easy Cube

Masterfeeds Easy Cube, referred to as our hay balancer, is a 12% protein, mineral and vitamin supplement that can be used as a great stand alone feed for easy keepers. It’s designed to be fed with hay for horses who need little to no grain to maintain weight. It’s also a great choice for pregnant mares on good pasture, or as a vitamin mineral topdress in addition to other feeds.


Finishing Touch

Masterfeeds Finishing Touch (pellet) is a smart energy addition to any developmental diet. This high fat supplement is designed to be topdressed on a balanced complete feed to increase the caloric density of the diet and add fat calories as an energy source. A very palatable formula, beneficial to any horse for improved performance, weight gain and coat condition. Finishing Touch is an excellent choice for extra fit and finish on sale and show stock and for enhancing fertility during breeding season for both mares and stallions.


Podium Cool Energy

Podium Cool Energy (pellet) is a favourite with owners and trainers looking for a very low starch feed for high performance athletes. With proven results in reducing ulcer incidence and tying up, it is a great choice for standardbred racehorses, eventers, and any trainers and riders looking for an ultra low starch ration for working athletes. Added flax provides an excellent source of Omega-3 and it is fortified with our premium vitamin mineral pack for a complete and balanced feed.


RX Roughage

Masterfeeds Rx Roughage (pellet/cube) is a high fibre pellet or cube, which is used as a high fibre feed, and as a hay stretcher and extender at times when hay is in short supply, or for horses who struggle consuming hay due to problems with their teeth such as senior horses. Fortified with a lower level of vitamins and minerals it is safe to be fed at very high levels as a complete hay replacement when needed. Ideally however some long stem hay should be provided.


VTM 20

Masterfeeds VTM 20 (pellet) is a trace mineral and vitamin supplement with 20% protein. It can be mixed with grains to make your own ration or topdressed on complete feeds to add additional minerals, vitamins and protein. Very palatable and versatile, it’s a great choice for all classes of horses when extra nutrients are required.



Masterfeeds 14% Developer (pellet) is an excellent feed for broodmares, growing yearlings and two year olds. Well balanced protein, amino acids and energy levels, along with controlled starch content and premium mineral vitamin fortification, encourage balanced growth. The formulation is made to help reduce incidence of developmental problems. It is also an excellent choice for pregnant and lactating mares. The controlled starch content provides a safer choice for the mare, reducing risk for digestive upsets.


Loose Horse Mineral

Masterfeeds Loose Horse Mineral and Loose Horse Mineral GFC are formulated for typical mixed forage feeding programs. They are designed for horses fed a forage program predominantly based on hay. Loose Horse Mineral supplies extra vitamins and minerals that are needed during times of stress or when extra nutrients are needed for growing or heavily worked horses.

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